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Save Our Supply

Everything you love about Newport relies on a reliable, resilient water supply.

Our connection to water is one of our strongest ties as a community—we rely on an abundant, safe water supply for industry, tourism, recreation, and our families’ day-to-day activities.
You can’t start your day without water; it’s essential to everything we do.

From tourism to the fishing industry, our economy relies on water; without it, our economy would grind to a halt.

But the city’s sole source of drinking water is at risk of an earthquake that experts say could strike any day.

Imagining the Worst

What would happen should the dams fail?
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Help secure Newport's water source and

Save Our Supply!

Learn more about the Big Creek Dam project.

Have Questions?

We have answers.

What Is The Big Creek Dam Project?

The Big Creek Reservoirs are Newport, Oregon’s sole water supply. The Big Creek Dams create those bodies of water. Built many decades ago, the dams are showing signs of aging, not earthquake-resistant, and risk failure. The City of Newport is working to replace the dams and protect the community’s sole water supply.

When Were The Upper And Lower Big Creek Dams Built?

1951: Big Creek Dam #1 (Lower Dam); 1969: Big Creek Dam #2 (Upper Dam).
Local delegation headed to Washington, D.C.

Group will work to finalize funding for Big Creek Dam Project.

Voices from the Community