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Open Door Policy

Have a question about the Big Creek Dam project? Don’t be afraid to ask it. Come into City Hall in person, pick up the phone and give us a call, or email us at your convenience. Our staff is here to answer your Big Creek Dam questions.

BCD in the News

Local delegation headed to Washington, D.C.

Group will work to finalize funding for Big Creek Dam Project.

Advocate Toolbox

Letter of Support

A Letter of Support (LOS) is your endorsement of the BCD Project. It confirms your recommendation that the project is viable, crucial and worthy of the recipient’s full backing.

Call on your state and federal representatives with a letter of support to help save our supply.
How to write a Letter of Support
  1. Get started with our templated language. We have dozens of examples of letters of support from private citizens, associations, and everyone in between.
  2. Send it to your elected official via email or mail.

Social Media Posts

Nothing inspires action more effectively than a compelling social media post. See the examples below for how to add visuals, keywords that punch, and questions to pose to get the most engagement and shares from your efforts.
Sample Posts You Can Use to Create Your Own

Helpful Links

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Laws and Regulations

Water Resources

Other Environmental Data Resources

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