Project Cost

The Big Creek Dams Project is estimated to cost from $68 to $83 million and would be the largest infrastructure effort that Newport has ever undertaken. Although the costs of the project are significant, the cost of a dam failure would quickly exceed the solution that will resolve the issue.

The city is working to minimize the financial burden this project could place on residents and businesses by partnering with and getting assistance from our state and federal governments.

We’ve used this strategy on other projects and it works.

Loss of GDP

Current Big Creek Dam

Our need for this project is so great that we believe there is a potential to get a portion of the funding from sources other than our residents and businesses, but we know part of the money will have to come from within our city borders in the form of bonds paid for by tax increases and/or water rate increases.

To date the city has invested $3.8 million of our own money but needs $5.8 million more to complete dam design and environmental permitting.