Big Creek Dams Project will Save Newport's Water Supply

Like some other coastal cities in the Pacific Northwest, portions of Newport's water supply infrastructure are seismically deficient and will not withstand an earthquake. Chief among these concerns are the two Big Creek Dams on the Big Creek Reservoirs that contain the city's sole water supply.

The Big Creek Dams Project will keep Newport's water supply reliable and resilient. We can save our supply, make it earthquake resilient, and allow us to store more water for future population growth and for use during drought. Sustaining the environment is a critical component of our solution. We can accomplish our water supply goals while enhancing natural habitat and lessening our reliance on already stressed water resources.

Newport's Big Creek Dams Project is important to the region not just to those living within our community. Progress on the Big Creek Dams Project paves the way for a more secure water and economic future for everyone in the mid-coast region.

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